Blogger Bunnies 7-Day Instagram Challenge, June 2017

May 30, 2017

June is almost here and we're back with yet another Instagram challenge after the #WYChristmasReadathon last December! Presenting a 7-day instagram challenge for book bloggers to connect with and grow your community the fun way.

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Ready for a week of sharing and connecting? 

Here are the daily prompts and also some hints and tips to help you.

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🌷 Day 1: Blog Logo

Share your blog logo or header, and the story behind its design.

🌷 Day 2: Last Blogged Books

Share a photo of the last book you blogged about and leave the link to the blog post in your bio so we can click over and read more.

🌷 Day 3: Books and Beverage

Share a photo of your favorite book/s with your favorite beverage.

🌷 Day 4: Book Inspired Food

Try cooking something characters in your favourite book cook or eat, or try recreating a meal from a book and share it quoting the text.

🌷 Day 5: Bookstagram Props

Share your favorite Bookstagram photo and tell us about the props you use.

🌷 Day 6: Blogger Buddies

Give a shout-out to one of the bloggers you met through the #WYbloggerbunnies challenge. You can repost your favorite photo from their feed.

🌷 Day 7: Current Read

Share a photo of the book you're reading right now and tell us a little about it so we can come to your blog later to read your review of it.

* * *

Ready for the #WYBloggerBunnies challenge? All you need to do is share your photos for each day using the hashtag and interact with your fellow blogger bunnies by browsing through the hashtag feed. Engagement is key to growth in blogging and bookstagramming. So be sure you make the best out of this short and sweet challenge. 🐇

So are you in for the challenge? Leave a link to your Instagram account in the comments below so we can add it to the list here and follow you. :) 

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