Fall Style Guide for Instagram + DIY Idea

November 12, 2016

It's the season of falling leaves and if you're on Instagram, you must have noticed how the seasonal hues are adding a great charm. If you, like me, live in a place where you don't really experience Fall or Autumn, it'll be all the more fun to celebrate the season through Instagram and here's a quick guide to style your feed for the season.
I recently wrote about R.S Thomas's autumn poetry on my lit blog and asked a question on Instagram and Facebook, to which I received some lovely answers. The answers are going to help us style our Instagram feeds for Fall. But before we move on to those, here's the blog post I'm talking about, in case you like poetry just as much as I do.
So here is what I asked my readers and how they answered :

Now that we know what Fall means to a lot of people, let's see how we can incorporate that into our Instagram feeds.


The Fall Colour Palette 

First and foremost, choose your colour palette. Add all the fall colours - red, yellow, orange, burgundy, green - plus white and black, and voila ! You have your fall colour palette ready.


Leaves, leaves, leaves !

Fall is all about leaves. So what are you waiting for ? Step outdoors and capture those brilliant hues of foliage !

Capture the season at its best by shooting in natural daylight like in this photo by @britatthedisco.

Take your books outdoors and get some easy fall themed photos for your Bookstagram, just like this photo by @thereadingwomen.

Fall Harvest

Did you know that the word 'harvest' came from the Anglo Saxon word "haer fest" which means 'Autumn' ?

Harvest veggies make great photos for your fall themed Instagram and if you try to stick to your fall colour palette as well, your feed will look consistent and perfect.



Plums are harvested from early spring until autumn and I clicked this photo at the local harvest market in Ooty when I went there last year. There were so many other vegetables, fruits and flowers too but this basketful of plums really caught my eye. I'm glad I clicked this so I now have one more picture for my fall themed Instagram.



Pumpkins are an essential autumn motif if you want to give an autumn theme to your art or photography. Photos of pumpkins at the market are so common yet not out of fashion. But you can always try something new by styling them with other objects.

Throw in a pumpkin, real or artificial, and see how it brightens up your photo, just like this one by @gracethebookworm.
#Tip : If you can't get a pumpkin, real or artificial, you can try carving a Halloween face on a yellow bell pepper. 



Apples are great to go with your fall theme. Yes, apples ! You can get them easily from your nearest store and use them as props in your photos.

A bowl of apples has added an autumn charm to this photo by @gracethebookworm.

- 6 -

Fall #DIY : Apple Candle!

You can also try some DIY with apples instead of just putting them plainly. I made this super easy apple candle and got a lot of engagement on this picture. Scroll down for the tutorial.

#DIY : Pick a bright red apple and using a knife, trace your favourite shape on its top. Using a spoon, neatly scoop out the flesh, just a few inches deep. Insert a wick into it and pour about two tablespoons of any oil. Alternatively, you can use tealight candle. Now light your wick or tealight candle and you're ready to shoot some amazing pictures for your Instagram feed. 
Now that you just got some quick and easy ideas to style your Instagram feed for the season, go hurry before winter sets in. If you find these ideas helpful and use them in your pictures, share them with our community through the hashtag #WriterlyYours.

Do you have any more ideas to add to this fall style guide? Would you like me to create a style guide for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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