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June 06, 2016

Last week, I created Rosas de Julio, a simple and pretty blog branding kit for newbie bloggers to customise their blogs easily. Within a day of posting, Rosas de Julio became immensely popular and the feedback I received was so great that I decided to give away the kit to one newbie blogger selected through a giveaway I'm organising in collaboration with the lovely Agustina of Smells Like Reader's Spirit.

Hola from Argentina !

Agustina Franceschini is a book reviewer, bookstagrammer and an aspiring writer based in Argentina. She blogs in Spanish about all the books she reads at Smells Like Reader Spirit. Her favourite genre is Young Adult fiction and most of the books she reviews are from the same in addition to Romance. She loves taking photographs of the books she reads and you would definitely want to follow her @smellslikereaderspirit if you're part of the #bookstagram community on Instagram.

So Agustina and I have decided to give away the Rosas de Julio blog branding kit to one of her readers who is also a blogger and would find this kit to be of great use. In order to find that lucky person, we have set up this giveaway which you can enter in ways more than one.

Before you scroll down to enter the giveaway, a little about the prize :

About Rosas de Julio

Rosas de Julio blog branding kit includes the following elements :

  1. Logo / blog header
  2. Sidebar buttons
  3. Social Icons
  4. Colour Palette

The logo / blog header with watercolour roses can be used to create your blog badge and other social media graphics for your blog. Instructions on how to your blog title to the header and your content categories to the sidebar buttons are included in the tutorial that comes with the kit.

Giveaway !

What do you think about the Rosas de Julio Blog Branding Kit ? Would you like to say hola to Agustina ? Leave a comment and let me know ?

[ Photography by Gold and Berry ]

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  1. Looking forward to the giveaway! I could really use this!

    1. Hi Erica ! The giveaway is live now. You can enter it. :)
      Good luck !

  2. Great giveaway idea Priya. Beautiful design. I entered!

    1. Thank you so much Chantel ! I'm glad you like it, and also that you entered. :) Wish you good luck !

  3. I wanna wiiiiin! awesome giveaway idea!

    1. I hope you do ! Wish you the best. And thank you very much for entering the giveaway. :)


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